Great Sci Fi Binges to Keep You Warm This Holiday Season

Like the rest of us, you loved Thor: Ragnarok. You geeked right out ever the Infinity War trailer. You’ve already bought your tickets for The Last Jedi. You even managed to sit through Justice League without burning up with rage over memories of the hours you wasted watching Batman V. Superman (yes, we’re all still bitter over Batfleck). You’re all caught up on the CW’s DC shows, the MCU, and have even made your peace with Inhumans and Gifted has grown on you. You’ve even (however begrudgingly) binged all of Big Bang Theory. Now what?

If you’re ready to do some exploring, it’s time to get your money’s worth out of that DIRECTV: International Packages you splurged on when you wanted a reliable way to keep up with Doctor Who–and hey, it looks like Moffat’s gone so maybe it won’t be so painful to watch anymore! Here are some of the shows that we love that haven’t gotten nearly the attention they deserve.


Originally on Channel 4 in the UK and now available On Demand and online, Misfits is what Smallville, Sabrina, and other teen-helmed science fiction and fantasy shows wanted to be. Today, with the exception of Spider-Man, most superheroes are adults, right? But who says that superheroes can’t be teenagers, too? Misfits combines the angst of adolescence and the fun of superpowers in this incredibly watchable and enjoyable show.

Orphan Black

The BBC has a huge hit on their hands with this one. For those of you who haven’t seen it or have been putting it off, this show centers on a cast of characters all played by the phenomenal Tatiana Maslany. How? You’ll just have to watch the show to find out. What starts as a simple “what the heck?” turns into a twisty-turny conspiracy that never goes where you think it will and that’s just part of what makes the show amazing!

The Expanse

There was a bit of a hubbub about this show when it first premiered but somehow people seem to have forgotten about it. It’s still here! The Expanse is a show for all of you nerds who want to know “what happened to the science in science fiction” and who shout “there are no explosions in space!” at your television sets. A hard science sci-fi thrill ride, this show is based on the amazing series of books written by James S.A. Corey.

Black Mirror

This show is going to freak you out, full stop. An obsessive protagonist takes viewers inside his experience of a world in the not very distant future. That’s part of what makes this show so intriguing. It’s set in the future, sure, but not so far from now that the technology featured completely implausible. Whether you want to see what it’s like to relive a memory or explore a variety of alternate realities, this show is a must-see.


You can almost always find an episode of MST3K somewhere on television. It’s that popular. By now, though, you’ve likely seen all of the original episodes, right? Never fear, fellow geeks, there are new episodes! Thanks to Joel Hodgson’s ultra-successful Kickstarter and a brand new cast of voice actors and villains (Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt? Yes please), this show is a great way to pass an afternoon. Even the new main character, played by the hilarious Jonah Ray is endearing! Even better, they’ve been greenlit for another season!


Haven is one of those shows that you think is going to be fairly lame but quickly subverts your expectations. A woman is sent to a tiny town that is dealing with some “troubles.” These “troubles” include the ability to change the weather based on someone’s mood, bring drawings to life, force people to fawn over you (just by existing in their presence, not through any will of one’s own) and more. Even Mara, the woman sent to investigate The Troubles finds that she isn’t the outsider she thinks she is. Intrigued? Get to binging!

These are just a few of the shows currently on the air or that have gone relatively unnoticed. Check them out! You’ll be the better binge-er for it.