Group urges investigation of ISPs to prevent Internet spying


A group is urging US legislation to investigate the behavior of local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) after reports saying that Iranian ISPs used western technologies to spy on the country’s internet usage have surfaced.

The Open Internet Coalition, along with some advocacy groups, have called for a review of protocol among ISPs, after The Wall Street Journal published reports that Nokia Siemens Networks has sold technology to Iran called Deep Packet Inspection Technology (DPIT) which allows the Iranian government to monitor the internet use at will.

The problem is, while it cannot be confirmed yet whether or not it is being used to snoop, DPIT is currently used in ISP systems, meaning there is an open potential to actually eavesdrop on Internet activity.

Iran is using DPIT to monitor the contents of emails, snoop on VoIP calls, and listen in on generic internet activity, like uploading a video into YouTube. In light of recent events, Iran uses it to monitor the proliferation of activist movements brought about by the current turmoil regarding the recently concluded elections.