Gum Claims to Increase Male Libido

A gum by a Florida company called Sexlets is claimed to increase the libido of men. It will become available in New York in a couple of weeks.sexlets-gum

The gum comes in a single packet that contains 15 pieces. It is peppermint-flavored and costs $11.97. It is not a drug and can therefore be purchased without a prescription. It is not claiming to cure anything but just boosts men’s libido.

“We don’t claim to cure anything. It’s more like a chewable vitamin. I chew my multi-vitamins every day and chew my Sexlets every day.” said Tommy Babil, the man who came up with this gum idea.

It comes in a form that looks like multi-vitamins that breaks down into powder before becoming a gum.

It is produced using all-natural ingredients. It contains ginseng, vitamin E, orchic powder (ground-up bull testicles) and yohimbe bark – an aphrodisiac used in Africa for centuries. Yohimbe bark improves erections as it increases blood flow to the penis according to urologists. Too much however can lead to kidney failure, seizure and even death.

Further information can be read from the official website.