Gunmen Torch Mexico Casino, Dozens Dead

Armed men stormed and torched a popular casino in the affluent Mexican city of Monterrey on Thursday, killing 52 people in a brazen attack that is considered the worst against civilians since the country’s notorious drug war erupted five years ago.

President Felipe Calderon called the attack an “aberrant act of terror” and put up a $2.4 million reward for any information that would lead to the arrest of the people behind the dastardly act. Calderon also vowed to bring to justice those who were responsible for the attack, which was captured by CCTV cameras in the casino. The president said the perpetrators of the casino attack deserve no leniency. “This is an unpardonable crime,” Calderon said. “The pain of these families in Monterrey is the pain of all Mexico.”

Surveillance video showed at least eight armed men enter the casino a few minutes before 4pm on Thursday. The gunmen then doused the building with gasoline before they set the casino in flames. Police said exits were also blocked, contributing to the high number of deaths.