Haiti Pledges Near 10 Billion Dollars

International help of donations and pledges for the victims of the January earthquake in Haiti is nearing the ten billion dollar mark.haiti-earthquake

This was announced at a special United Nations donors conference.

The total is now at 9.9 billion dollars, majority of which came from the United States and the European Union. It has already exceeded the 4 billion dollars requested by the Haitian government to rebuild the damages brought in by the earthquake.

A commission to be chaired by Haiti President Rene Preval and former US President Bill Clinton will monitor if the donations are being properly spent. Primary targets include the constructions of hospitals, schools, government offices and houses.

Meanwhile, Edmond Mulet has been officially named as U.N.’s Special Representative in Haiti. He has been in an interim capacity since the death of predecessor Hedi Annabi who is one of those who died because of the quake.

A total of 200,000 died and about a million lost their homes during the disaster.