HALO: Reach to unveil on fall this year

Halo Reach

The much anticipated prequel of the highly successful HALO series is about to come out this fall. HALO: Reach tells the story of how the epic battle fought in HALO all started. It depicts how the legendary “Noble Team”, an elite squad of Spartan soldiers, held their final stand on the planet Reach against the Covenant and Earth.

HALO: Reach is far more darker and grittier than its predecessors. Not only that, it also boasts an astonishing 3D graphic display that will enhance the gaming experience of both hardcore and casual gamers alike. The excitement does not stop on its campaign mode. As what made the HALO franchise the one of the most popular games developed by BUNGIE for Xbox, players will have the option to duke it out with other players online through Xbox Live.

Though it might take some time for HALO: Reach to hit the shelves, HALO fans may have the opportunity to test the beta edition starting May 3, 2010. It will be available through Xbox Live through the HALO 3: ODST disc.

Watch out as fall draws near and be part of the chosen few to know how a legend all began.