Hangover-Free Alcoholic Drinks Coming

All that partying and boozing might no longer lead to splitting headaches that make you swear off alcohol the morning after. A team of South Korean researchers has discovered the secret to hangover-free drinking—increase the booze’s oxygen level.

In an experiment, the researchers found that when they added more oxygen to alcoholic drinks, people’s blood alcohol levels normalized faster. Meaning, drinkers of the oxygenized booze were able to flush the alcohol out of their systems faster, eliminating hangover in the process.

However, party animals who love that drunken feeling to linger on a little longer might be disappointed. This is because oxygenizing alcoholic drinks reduced the length of time that drinkers feel that euphoric, inhibition-free state of being drunk.

Nevertheless, one Korean company has already started cashing in on the discovery. Reports said a soju drink called O2 Lin, which the company is marketing as an alcoholic drink that “helps clarify your brain, energizes your body cells, and maintains healthy resilient skin,” would soon hit the market. Now, how’s that for an alcoholic drink?