Harmony, Sugar Free shine on Britain’s Got Talent (video)


Sugar Free—an all-girl dance group from Dartford, Kent—impressed the panel with their routine on this week’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

After watching their hip-hop moves, Simon declared: “This is the first time I have seen a bunch of girls who could give the male dance groups a run for their money.”

And these girls have normal lives.

Emma Carter, 23, Jemma Elliot, 20, Josie Palmer, 23, Kirsty Palmer, 18, and Joanna Wright, 16, have day jobs such as hairdresser, nursery nurse and watch maker.

Harmony—a duo from Essex— also sailed through the next round. Demi Bennett and Megan McKenna sang What is This Feeling? from the musical Wicked.

VIDEO: Sugar Free performs on Britain’s Got Talent (May 16)

VIDEO: Harmony performs on Britain’s Got Talent (May 16)

You can also watch the videos here.