Healthy Brock Lesnar to Make UFC Comeback Against Shane Carwin

Back in the pink of health after battling a disease that came close to ending his life, Brock Lesnar is ready to get it on against undefeated and interim champion Shane Carwin at UFC 116 over the weekend.

Lesnar, who was diagnosed last year with diverticulitis, will square off with Carwin in the octagon on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, which the UFC calls home. The fight is finally pushing through after it was cancelled twice last year due to Lesnar’s illness, which causes inflation in the large intestine.

Lesnar said his illness taught him a lot more than just about the disease. “I couldn’t put any food in my mouth. To wake up every day, to be on all them drugs and not be able to put any food in your mouth, yeah, you definitely take a different approach on life,” said Lesnar.

As for Carwin, he is just glad that the long wait for the fight will finally be over for him. Carwin has been waiting for the chance to fight Lesnar since he debuted in 2008, racking up 12 straight wins in the past two years, including a big win against Frank Mir in March. All of Carwin’s matches have not reached beyond the second round.

Lesnar said he now feels like a cat with eight of its nine lives remaining after his brush with death. Come Saturday, though, he might need all his remaining lives as he fights what is probably the biggest battle of his life next to diverticulitis.