Heather Locklear Arrested…Again

Trouble seems to be the Heather Locklear‘s middle name. The former Melrose Place star was reportedly arrested after hitting a traffic sign inside her gated community. Sheriff’s spokesman Ross Bonfiglio said in an interview with People that Locklear’s 2005 BMW hit a no-parking sign early Saturday morning.

Bonfiglio said the 48-year-old “Dynasty” actress was not taken into the police station, as she was cited only for a misdemeanor offense. Locklear reportedly left the scene of the accident but debris left at the location was traced back to her car.

However, Locklear’s lawyer Blair Berk said the “Dynasty” actress may have not been the one driving the vehicle when the incident occurred. Locklear is scheduled to appear in court on May 17. The incident is significant for the actress as being convicted for the offense could be considered a violation of her three-year probation in connection with a reckless driving conviction last year.