“Hello Twitterverse” Became the First Tweet from Space

Twitter has conquered space as the astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) were given a direct, Internet connection. The first tweet, “Hello Twitterverse!”tj-creamer

Flight engineer Timothy “TJ” Creamer of NASA Expedition 22 added the rest of the inaugural tweet as “We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station—the 1st live tweet from Space!” It was ended by, “More soon, send your ?s.”

The post came at 3:38 PM EST Friday, January 22. It was the first ever Twitter posting directly from a place that is not on Earth. Previously, they have to relay messages to Mission Control to make updates in the Twitter account.

The ability to send the tweets is via a newly configured Crew Support LAN. The astronauts can also now do email, VoIP and videoconferencing. They are subject to the same social media rules as any other government employees on Earth do.

If you want to be a follower, Creamer is using the account Astro_TJ. He has 5,000 followers as of the sending of the message.