Here comes YouTube Live

youtube liveYouTube will be showcasing its first live stream as it broadcasts its YouTube Live celebration today (Nov. 22) in San Francisco.

The show will be streamed on YouTube beginning at 5 PM PST, and will feature well known stars such as Katy Perry, Will.i.Am, Joe Satriani, Tay Zonday, and a number of other musicians.

Since its inauguration in 2005, YouTube has been a depot for all kinds of Internet videos, from snippets of TV shows to wacky demonstrations of skills such as cup-stacking to serious campaign ads in the recent U.S. presidential election.

YouTube hasn’t yet made any statements about a livestreaming service for regular users but it won’t be surprising if we hear from them about the company’s future plans.

There have also been rumors  that the event will actually be powered by Ustream or another third party.

I think I need to speed up my internet connection.