Herschel Walker Wins In MMA Debut

Herschel Walker MMA

From the football field to the MMA arena, Herschel Walker definitely knows how to succeed. The former National Football League all-star came out triumphant in his Strikeforce debut, battering Greg Nagy and forcing the referee to stop the fight in the third round.

The 47-year-old Walker took the fight to his younger opponent, throwing crisp punches that often hit Nagy right on the button. Walker’s superior conditioning showed as he dominated the fight from start to finish.

In one stretch in the second round, Walker maneuvered a back mount and pounded the hapless Nagy with all his might, forcing referee Troy Waugh to consider ending the fight right then and there.

Walker, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1982, said his decision on whether to fight again will depend on his ability to cope with the rigors of training and the assessment of his trainers. The former Dallas Cowboy is under the American Kickboxing of America.