Herta Mueller wins 2009 Nobel Prize for literature


Herta Mueller, a Romanian-born German writer who produced tales of the disenfranchised and fought for free speech, won the 2009 Nobel prize for literature Thursday.

The Swedish Academy, which decides the winner of the 10 million Swedish crown (£900,000) prize, recognized Muller, 56, for her ability to depict “with the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose … the landscape of the dispossessed”.

The 56-year-old author is best known for her work describing the harsh conditions suffered in Romania under the totalitarian dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu.

She made her debut as a writer back in 1982 with her collection of short stories titled “Niederungen”, which was censored by the Romanian Government. She wrote “Drueckender Tango” (Oppressive Tango) two years later, a book about corruption and repression in a German-speaking village in Romania.

In 1987, Mueller together with her husband left Romania for Germany.

Mueller’s works were mostly written in German, but some works have been translated into English, French and Spanish, including “The Passport,” “The Land of Green Plums,” “Traveling on One Leg” and “The Appointment.”

Herta Mueller is the 10th German to win the Nobel Prize in literature.

[image via wikipedia]