Hip Hop Groupie Kat Stacks Gets Slapped

Notorious hip hop groupie Kat Stacks, known to be trailing the likes of Nelly, Bow Wow, Aaron Carter, and Lil Twist, was reportedly slapped by a man in a bar in Atlanta.

Kat Stacks is known in the world-wide-web for using her Twitter account to contact hip hop stars for sexual encounters.

According to reports, the man who slapped Stacks was identified as the brother of rapper Fabolous (shown in photo). Apparently, there had been a growing tension between the said groupie and Fabolous. After the assault in the bar, Stacks was allegedly forced to apologize to Fabolous and another rap star Bow Wow, in front of a video camera. Both rappers are said to be at the receiving end of some of Stacks’ notorious video rants, according to reports.

As of press time, Stacks is apparently working on a lawsuit against the man who slapped her.