HIV-Positive German Singer Accused of Spreading Disease

A former member of one of Germany’s most successful girl groups has admitted in court that she had unprotected sex with at least three people despite knowing she was infected with HIV.

In a tearful court appearance, Nadja Benaissa of the pop group No Angels said that she did not tell her sexual partners about her condition, but insisted that she had no intention of infecting others with HIV. “I am so sorry,” she said in her trial, where the 28-year-old singer is charged with causing grievous bodily harm and attempted bodily harm.

One of the persons Benaissa allegedly had unprotected sex with between 2000 and 2004 has been confirmed to be already infected with HIV, reports said. Benaissa, who was diagnosed with the disease when she was 17, said that she hid her condition for fear of the effects it would have on her daughter and band, which became famous in 2000 after winning the talent show “Popstars.”

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.