How To Train Your Dragon Recaptures Weekend Number 1 Spot

Initial studio estimates indicate that the 3D animation film How To Train Your Dragon has recaptured the number 1 spot for the weekend of April 16-18 narrowly defeating newly released Kick Ass.Kick-Ass-film-poster

Dragon is already on its fourth weekend. It was at the top spot during its first weekend before being replaced by Clash of the Titans during the previous two weekends. It ranked third during those two weekends.

The film raked an estimate of 20 million dollars which is slightly higher than that of Kick Ass which is at 19.75 million dollars. It is surprisingly doing well after weeks of release, dropping only 19% at its fourth weekend and 33% for the entire week.

The rest of the top five for the April 16-18 weekend are as follows: third for Date Night at 17.3 million dollars, fourth for Death at a Funeral at 17 million dollars and fifth for Titans at 15.7 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Titans retained the weekly crown after posting 33 million dollars from April 9 to 15 despite dropping by 58%. It already took 320 million dollars in sales worldwide.