Howard Stern Coming to American Idol?

American Idol hopefuls will be subjected to some shock treatment next season if the show’s producers will have their way. A report by the New York Post said that American Idol producers want controversial radio jock Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell, who is leaving the show at the end of the current season.

AI producers reportedly began negotiation with Stern after the highest paid radio personality announced that he might consider new offers once his current contract with satellite radio Sirius XM Radio expires next year. Reports said AI producers are willing to match Stern’s $ 100 million-a-year deal with Sirius, as they believe that the radio jock known for his outrageous and shocking commentaries could surpass Cowell’s nastiness.

However, a person with knowledge of the negotiation said Stern has not been enthusiastic about the idea of leaving radio. Stern was recently quoted as saying in his show that he had turned down an offer from a major TV network.