HP Slate Announced at 799 USD Tag Price

HP SlateHewlett-Packard finally announced its tablet computer Friday, October 22, that will compete with current leader Apple iPad. The problem however is that it costs 799 USD as it is aimed at the business market and not the consumer market.

The tagline used was that it was “the ideal PC for professionals who don’t work at a traditional desk, yet need to stay productive in a secure, familiar Windows environment.”

HP Slate 500 will be sporting a full-blown Windows 7 operating system unlike the iPad which uses that same operating system as that of iPod and iPhone, the iOS. The Windows 7 Phone operating system was earlier announced that it was not aimed for tablet computers.

The new tablet has some features that the iPad does not have such as a 3-megapixel camera, files being imported to an SD card, a digitizer or stylus pen and a USB 2.0 port.

Despite being aimed at the business market, anyone can buy it, who has 799 USD to spare, from the HP business website.