Hugh Hefner: No Kate Gosselin in Playboy

If there is one place where Kate Gosselin is not welcome, it would be at Hugh Hefner‘s Playboy mansion. Asked by E!Online if there is a possibility that reality star Gosselin would appear in upcoming Playboy editions, Hefner answered with a curt “No! No!”

Hefner also wondered why people are showering Gosselin with all the attention she is getting, including being chosen as a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the Stars. “I don’t think she’s a celebrity,” Hefner said.

However, Gosselin might not mind being seen as no Playboy material as she is set to begin a new show for Discovery’s TLC. Gosselin, whose former husband Jon recently filed for primary custody of their eight children, will star in the upcoming TLC show called “Twist of Kate” where the reality supermom will travel across the United States to give tips about life.

Aside from “Twist of Kate,” TLC will also bring back Gosselin and her brood to television with “Kate plus 8” starting in June.