Human Hair – Savior of the Future?


Whether we know it or not, each passing day leads us nearer to an energy crisis. Majority of our sources of energy are non-renewable such as oil, coal, etc… And we all know that energy makes the world go round (and money of course). So what will happen when these supplies get depleted? Easy! Turn to renewable sources. We already know the secrets to harnessing the powers of the sun, waves and volcanic heat. The problem with these are their high cost of production and maintenance.

But then again, the world is full of brilliant and intelligent people like this 18-year-old who used hair to harness the power of the sun! Well, that is a bit exaggerated. What he, Milan Karki, did was create a solar panel replacing the expensive silicon parts with human hair. Ingenious? Yes, indeed.

This ‘breakthrough’ means cheaper and a more affordable energy source. However, this technology is still in its infant stages. It would probably take at least a few more years to perfect and mass produce solar panels using this design. But once it happens, let us do our part to save the planet (and our pockets) by using this brilliant idea.

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