Hungary Toxic Spill Boss Arrested

Hungary-Red-MudHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has announced that the chief executive of the aluminum plant responsible for a toxic spill in the western part of the country was taken into custody for questioning.

Zoltan Bakonyi, chief executive of Ajkai Timfoldgyar alumina plant, is expected to be grilled about the company’s liabilities in the collapse of a dam wall that led to the spillage of some 35 million cubic feet of red mud, or toxic liquid waste. The incident, which occurred on October 4, led to the death of at least seven people and caused injuries to more that 120 others.

Prime Minister Orban also announced that the company will be put under government control for the time being. Company officials found responsible for the environmental disaster are expected to pay for damages.

Officials are now working double time to fortify the dam to prevent another spillage, which experts say is inevitable if no action would be immediately taken.