Husqvarna Panthera Leo: Most advanced lawn mower

husqvarna electric lawnmower

The Husqvarna Panthera Leo concept lawn mower could possibly be the most-advanced grass cutting machine in the world. This pimped lawn mower is equipped with an LCD monitor and sensors, which can tell its user what speed and height you should mow. It can also inform you when you’re on too steep a hill or about to hit an object which made it super advanced for a lawn mower.

The Husqvarna mower operates purely on electricity that can last 2 hours on one charge. This thing was also built from recycled materials.

Husqvarna Panthera Leo features

* Equipped with zero-emission technology
* Produced from recycled materials
* Rechargeable Lithium-phosphate battery
* Plug-in product, charged at any electrical point
* Five brushless electrical engines, easy and clean to maintain
* Three separate cutters equipped with razor sharp blades
* Cutters individually suspended to glide smoothly over bumpy terrain and prevent lawn scalping
* Variable cutting width (85-120cm)
* Zero-turn functionality
* Lifting cutting deck (90 degrees)
* Ergonomic steering wheel
* Easy to control dashboard
* Cutting time 2 hours, overnight charging
* Detailed LCD display monitor (featuring cutting height, width of cutting deck, speed, service information, steep hill warning, objects that are too close)

[via Jalopnik]