Icebergs Moving To New Zealand

At least 100 icebergs are moving in towards New Zealand prompting shipping warnings which are rare events. Some of the icebergs are measuring up to 200 meters (650 feet) wide.icebergs-floating-near-landmasses

According to satellite photography, the icebergs already passed the Auckland Islands and are just 450 kilometers (280 miles) away from the South Island of New Zealand.

Australian Antarctic Division glaciologist Neal Young told AFP that all of the icebergs came from just one massive ice block that broke away from the Antarctic due to rising sea and air temperatures which is an effect of global warming. The original ice block supposedly measured about 30 square kilometers (11.6 square miles).

New Zealand issued the navigational warnings for the area. The last time icebergs went near the country was in 2006 when a number of icebergs floated within 25 kilometers of the coastline. It is still possible that the current set may not go very near South Island.

Young indicated that as long as the temperature keeps on rising, more icebergs will float in the area.