Iconic Abbey Road for Sale

The recording studios in the iconic Abbey Road of the music industry are up for sale.Beatles-Abbey-Road

EMI music group has put the studios in the market as a part of plans that will help reduce its debts. It is still not clear on whether the brand will be sold together with the properties. Analysts point out that whoever wants to buy the properties will also want to buy the brand. As an icon, potential buyers would normally want to have both.

To this date, Abbey Road is still one of the few venues that can accommodate a full scale orchestra needed for recordings. This is the venue for the record scores of films such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The studios started in 1929 at the 19th century town house at No. 3 Abbey Road, in the suburbs of St. Johns Woods in northern London. It was bought with a price of 100,000 pounds transforming it as the world’s first custom-built recording studios.

Many artists have recorded in the studios. Most notably of course are The Beatles. One of their last albums, entitled of course as Abbey Road (pictured), shows the group walking over a pedestrian crossing just outside the studio. The album, the recording of which was the last time all four members of the group were in a studio together, even helped to further boost the image of Abbey Road as a music industry icon. In fact, up to this date, it is quite normal to see groups of people walking over the same pedestrian crossing and stopping in the middle of it while striking the very same pose as that of The Beatles on their album cover.

The last endeavor from the studios is the 2007 television music series Live from Abbey Road. It consists of 12-hour sessions each featuring three major acts. It was shown in 120 countries worldwide.