“If I Can Dream”: Hulu’s Original Series to Premiere March 2

If I Can DreamIf I Can Dream, Hulu‘s first original series, is set to premiere online March 2.

The company partnered with Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment to create and distribute the show. Fuller is known to be behind hit TV shows like American Idol and So you Think You Can Dance.

If I Can Dream
tells the stories of 5 different people namely Kara, Justin, Amanda, Ben, and Giglianne as they find their way to become Hollywood stars.

New episodes will be released every week starting on March 2. This will test the internet as a way to distribute a highly produced content and could probably make way to more internet shows in the future. You can watch the short trailer embedded below and see others at IfICanDream.com

Trailer: If I Can Dream

Meet the Aspiring Artists from If I Can Dream