Imageshack hacked!

ImageShack, one of internet’s largest image host was hacked Friday evening by a movement called “Anti-sec“.

The Imageshack hack replaced all ImageShack hosted images with the movement’s “manifesto” of sorts. The group also distributed a copy of their manifesto to users via the same email facility used to update Imageshack users with site news and updates.

“Anti-sec” however claimed that the attack did not in any way delete or tamper with the photos, they were merely replaced by the image of the movement’s mesage.

The message at the bottom adds that “no images were harmed in the making of this…image”.

The movement claims to fight for the eradication of full-disclosure, saying full-disclosure “is the disclosure of exploits publicly – anywhere,” and it claims that full-disclosure “It’s all about money.”

Here’s the image “Anti-sec” used to replace the ImageShack photos:

imageshack hacked

There’s still no official message from ImageShack yet about the hack.

[via TDI]