Improving Office Culture in 3 Easy Steps

officeIs your office gloomy on a Monday morning? Do employees sit next to one another in the break room without engaging in conversation? Can you tell that your workers are merely counting the minutes till they’re off the clock? You’ve got a dysfunctional workplace culture, and it’s probably leading many of your employees to consider other companies, or causing them to complete only the bare minimum while in the office. Making your office a happy, positive and healthy place will lead to less turnover and more productivity – and there are a few simple ways you can make it happen.

1. Foster Team Spirit
To make sure your office is functioning like a well-oiled machine, make sure that everyone knows their role and feels included in the team. Celebrate successes together, get involved in team events outside work hours, even set up friendly competitions to get everyone in on the game. If people are isolated, they’re less likely to invest themselves in the success of the business, meaning they’ll likely be less motivated. But if work feels like time with the family, workers will enjoy their time there. You can even pitch in on something for the whole office, like a new coffee machine or some snacks for the break room. Try getting something on a regular basis like a healthy snack order from Fruitful Office, so you have something continually brighten the mood of the office – and everyone can share in the fruits of their labor!

2. Focus on Health
Healthy bodies means healthy minds. If you invest in your employees’ health, you’ll get a return in the form of productivity and overall morale. To do this, make sure company functions provide more than pizza and cocktails. Rather than a party, try to get everyone out of the office and doing something active together, whether that means a paintball trip, running a race, or even a nice afternoon in the park. Make sure the team knows about wellness programs the company offers, because many companies have incentives or programs to guide participants to healthier lifestyle but they go unused. Or if everyone in the office seems to be on a diet, turn it into a friendly challenge! A little healthy competition can be a big motivation so try a workplace health challenge, that could be anything as easy as most steps in a day to yummiest calorie conscious dish. Just be creative!

3. Focus on the Positive
While it may be easy to micromanage an employee in hopes of turning their performance around, the best form of improvement is actually positive reinforcement. Employees who are often lectured or told how NOT to do something instead of the right way to do it are likely to become discouraged or flustered. Instead, try focusing on the all the ways they did something right. Start your morning off with a huddle where you thank each person for the great things they did the previous day, making sure to tell them exactly why it was so helpful . It isn’t to say you shouldn’t correct bad behavior, but an appreciated employee is a more productive employee.

Your workplace culture can have a huge impact on employee morale and overall production while on the clock. An reduction in stress will mean that your staff will be more willing to fight alongside you, and in the end it’s your entire team’s blood sweat and tears that will make your business successful.

Krista Coulter is a freelance writer and healthy living advocate. She enjoys sharing her previous experiences with others to promote a healthier society.