In Germany, bosses can order women to wear bras to work

Bra Law Germany

Those who have been watching world news lately had been aware of a court ruling published in Cologne stating that German companies can force their female employees to wear bras. The men were obviously not happy about it, and a lot of people feel that the decision was ultimately a violation of personal rights.

Documents also stated that workers must wear flesh or white bras or undershirts as bright colors may “shine through.” Bosses are also allowed to determine the length of employees’ fingernails, and they can require men to be clean shaven or have a well-groomed beard.

“Being told to wear a bra and to keep fingernails to shorter than half-a-centimetre does not impinge on personal rights,” said the published ruling, according to Mail Online. “It is not a disproportionate impairment of personal right.”

Companies can’t ban wigs or specific colors of nail polish, but do they have the right to ask overweight males to curb moobs (man boobs) with bras as well?

[Image via Kelly Sue’s Flickr page]