In Japan, scientists breed singing mice

Singing Mouse in Japan

If Remy, the speaking rat in Ratatouille, makes you smile, here’s something to add up to that feeling of bliss: a team of Japanese scientists had produced a mouse that tweets like a bird as part of a project that uses the rodent species to create genetic mutations.

The experiment is intended to enlighten scientists on how evolution works, but even researchers at the University of Osaka were shocked to find out that the rodent had suddenly developed a desire for “singing.” As a result, they bred 100 more of them for further research.

“I was surprised because I had been expecting mice that are different in physical shape,” lead researcher Arikuni Uchimura told AFP, adding that in fact the project had also produced “a mouse with short limbs and a tail like a dachshund”.

So, what’s next? They are now hoping to one day breed a real-life Remy – a rodent that can talk.

[The photo used is from Anne Burgess via Geograph]