Indonesian province to allow adulterers to be stoned to death


Lawmakers in the Indonesian province of Aceh have unanimously approved a law allowing adulterers to be stoned to death.

The decree replaces elements of the country’s criminal code with Sharia, or Islamic law, for Muslims. It also imposes grave punishments for rape, pedophilia homosexuality, alcohol consumption and gambling.

Aceh’s legislative council passed the law on Monday, over the objection of human rights activists. The administration of Governor Irwandi Yusuf is also against the rule, but it will come into effect in 30 days with or without his signature.

From The Jakarta Post:

The new ordinance orders married Muslims or non-Muslims involved in adultery to be stoned 100 times, or to death, while unmarried violators are threatened with canning 100 times.

Among other punishable ethical crimes are homosexuality, lesbianism and kissing or hugging by unmarried couples at public places.

The bylaw threatens homosexuals with a maximum of 100 lashings, or a maximum penalty of more than eight years in prison.

Aceh, one of Indonesia’s most conservative regions, is the epicenter of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that killed almost 230,000 people.