Indonesian Rock Star Jailed Over Sex Tape

An Indonesian rock star has been sent to jail in connection to sex videos that spread online last year.

Nazril Ariel, vocalist of popular Indonesian band Peterpan, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on Monday for his role in the spread of sexually explicit videos where he was seen having sex with TV personality Luna Maya and soap opera actress Cut Tari. According to the verdict, Ariel was found guilty of “giving an opportunity for others to spread, produce, and prepare a pornographic video,” an act that violates the country’s strict anti-pornography law.

The verdict was met with outrage by Ariel’s fans, many of whom were in court when the sentence was read. “This is too severe because he didn’t spread the videos. He should be set free,” a fan reportedly told the Associated Press and AFP. However, Islam hardliners found the sentence too light, especially since one of the females in the videos, Cut Tari, was married at the time the alleged sex video was made. “According to Sharia law adulterers should be stoned to death,” a member of the hardline Muslim group Islamic Defenders Front said.