Infected Lettuce Suspected of Causing Illness

Close to 30 people have been downed by a rare strain of the E.coli bacterium, with health officials believing that the infection may be connected to the recall of tainted lettuce. Reports said 29 people in three states have been sickened by the E.coli O145, which has never been detected in foodborne diseases in the past.

An Ohio company, Freshway Foods, recalled lettuce earlier this week after E.coli was detected in the vegetable. The company said the lettuce had been distributed to restaurants, deli, and supermarket  salad bars. However, Freshway clarified that the lettuce was not sold in the supermarket produce section.

Doctors said the E.coli O145 should be monitored as not much is known about the strain. Dr. Robert Tauxe of the Centers for Disease Control Prevention said the new E.coli strain outbreak is something that “we need to be worried about,” especially since the bacterium can cause very severe infection.