Inmate Hid 30 Items in His Rectum

A Florida inmate could see more time in jail after authorities discovered a condom filled with 30 items inside his rectum.

Neil Lansing is being held without bail at the Sarasota County jail for trying to smuggle illegal drugs and tobacco products into the facility. According to the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Lansing, 33, had just been sent to jail by a judge when guards conducting a routine search in his cellblock found a part of the condom sticking out of his fanny.

When police pulled the condom out, they found the following items inside it: 17 round blue pills, a cigarette and six matches, a flint, an empty syringe with its needle covered by an eraser, a lip balm container, a receipt from a pharmacy, a paper coupon, and an unused condom.

Police believe that Lansing, a homeless man, had all the items up his butt all the time while he was in court just before he was sent to jail.