Inmates in India take yoga lessons to reduce jail time


Yoga is used for exercise, reduction of stress and improvement of mental functions and spirituality. But in India, this practice can get you out of jail.

According to the BBC, prison officials in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh have launched a new program which will grant inmates reductions on their sentences if they complete courses in yoga.

For every three months spent doing balance posture, breathing exercises and chanting the inmates can cut their jail time by 15 days.

“Yoga is good for maintaining fitness, calming the behavior, controlling anger and reducing stress,” said Sanjay Mane, the state’s inspector general of prisons.

“When a prisoner attends yoga sessions and fulfils some other conditions, he will be considered for a remission if his jail superintendent recommends his case.”

Though its origins stretch to pre-Vedic India and its traditional religious purpose is linked to Hinduism, yoga has increased in popularity in recent years and is highly visible in the United States and other countries.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]