Intel and Nokia Start MeeGo

Corporate giants Intel and Nokia have released  the MeeGo distribution and infrastructure software base for developers.496px-MeeGo_logo

Meego is a Linux based mobile operating system that is a combination of Intel’s Moblin OS and Nokia’s Maemo OS and is designed for smartphones, handheld computers and netbooks. However, only the core components can be downloaded as of this moment. The complete version is expected to be released in May. For the meantime, developers have to content themselves using it on a terminal mode and without a graphical user interface.

There are three builds that developers can work on: a Nokia N900 build, an Intel Atom for netbooks build and a Moorestown for smartphones build.

Updates for MeeGo will be presented on April 15 at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. Included for presentations are the following: a technical overview; a walk-through of the MeeGo desktop; the MeeGo connectivity framework; and rapid development on MeeGo using QML.