Introducing the Chastity Belt for Dogs

Everybody loves cute, cuddly puppies but when they keep on coming because dog parents can’t help controlling themselves, it might become a problem.Puppies

So come a chastity belt to the rescue! Wait, say that again? Yes, it’s a chastity belt for dogs. The Pet Anti-Breeding System (PABS) boasts of being “the best solution for unwanted and accidental breeding.” It consists of a collar, a harness and a washable mesh pad.

It is the idea of Dexter Blanch after his dog almost died from spaying surgery complications. It is thus being marketed to be a good alternative to spaying and neutering.

The “birth control” costs from $65 to $95. Initial tests proved that it is successful. However, there is a problem regarding very determined male dogs who would chew the contraption just so they can do it. A Turkish man has already contacted Blanch for a version to be used for camels.

So how about that? Solving a contemporary problem with a solution that dates back to the time of chivalrous knights.