iOS 4 Released

iPhone-4.0-OSThe long awaited version upgrade of the iPhone OS, now simply known as iOS, has been released.

The iOS 4 was released June 21 at around 10 AM Pacific Time. Those who were patiently waiting for the release reported that some of them have to endure more waiting time while they wait for it to download. Then, they waited more time for it to actually download. Many users were probably accessing the update at the same time when the version finally went live for public use.

For those who have not yet upgraded their phones. The steps are simple. Make sure first that you have the latest version of iTunes, which is now at version 9.2. If you have not yet upgraded that, then that would mean more waiting time. When you already have the latest iTunes, click your iPhone device. Then click the Check for Update button. Click Download and Install. Wait until it finishes.

iPhone and iPod Touch users have been waiting for the upgrade due to the features that are included with it. Most notable of these features are the ability to “multi-task” and to create folders.