iPad? Does that come with high tech wings?

The name for Apple’s latest gadget is drawing laughs, jeers and sneers across the internet and blogosphere minutes after it was announced.iPad

Some people are already calling the product iPadwithWings. Some are getting psychic about a future, smaller version for iPad naming it as iTampon. Not to mention for possible names is MaxiPad.

There are people criticizing the marketing folks of Apple for not researching the word “iPad” first. A hilarious skit from MadTV in 2007 features two women talking about Apple developing its latest high-tech feminine product named, you guessed it – iPad.

Some are taking the joke lightly and asked more serious issues like people trying to distinguish if one is saying iPod or iPad.

Few however believe that the name would be the Achilles’ heel for the product. Analysts think that after the jokes die down, people would still be trooping to get the product which features internet, mail, photos, videos, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, maps, notes, calendar, contacts, and spotlight search to point a few.

On a more serious note, Apple may be facing a possible problem with Japanese computer maker Fujitsu as it has a trademark for the name iPad since 2003 at the US Patent and Trademark Office.