iPad Hits International Market

250px-IPad-02Buyers, young and old alike, braved long lines at Apple stores and other retail outlets on Friday as the iPad finally started selling on the international market. From England to Asia, the scene outside Apple stores was not unlike a sold-out concert, with people proudly showing the prized gadget as soon as they leave checkout counters.

The launch was held almost simultaneously in several countries across Europe, North America, and Asia, including Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, and Canada. Some people in Germany trooped to the Apple Store in Frankfurt as early as 3am while in Japan’s famous Ginza shopping district, buyers held a countdown towards the 8am opening of the store.

The iPad, which sells up to $1,017 in Britain, appears like Apple’s popular iPhone with the added capability to be used as an electronic reader. People can also use the gadget to send e-mails, play games and music, as well as draw pictures.