iPad Pulse Reader App Causes Stir from ‘New York Times’

pulse-2An iPad application that was featured last Monday, June 7, at the World Wide Developers Conference found itself in the middle of controversy after news publisher New York Times filed a complaint against it.

The Pulse News Reader is an application that allows the users to view RSS feeds from different sites including that coming from the New York Times.

The problem that Times is complaining about is that the application costs $3.99. Times said that its RSS feeds are not for commercial use.

The application, which was created by students from Stanford University Institute of Design namely Akshay Kotari and Ankit Gupta, was pulled off from the iTunes Store late Monday. It was however brought back by Tuesday, June 8.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, actually praised the application during his keynote speech last Monday calling it a “wonderful RSS reader.”

Ironically, Apple Insider reported that New York Times itself made a news article featuring a profile for Pulse just last week. In the article, it described the application “stylish and easy-to-use news aggregator.”

Pulse News Reader hit the number 1 spot several times in the iPad App Store. It has already sold 35,000 copies.