iPad Soars in Pre-Order Sales

Apple was finally able to measure if consumers will buy or not after the pre-order sales of its latest product iPad turned out to be very high.Apple iPad

Estimates indicate that about 50,000 were reserved during the first two hours, shooting up to 91,000 units by the sixth hour. Analysts think that at least 5 million units will be sold within a year.

The calls, however, may not mean that they are all iPad orders. It is possible that some callers were ordering other products. Observers said that callers who ordered two units in one order could compensate this.

Meanwhile, many online discussions show that a big number of those who was supposed to order changed their minds at the last minute. Some were thinking to wait until reviews came in from actual users while others will be waiting if there will be better gadgets that will be released in the market.

The hesitation emanates from the reason that a number of people find iPad to have not lived to consumer’s expectations.