iPhone 0S 4 Beta 3 Release Shows Even More Additional Features

iPhone-4.0-OSThe third beta version of iPhone OS 4 for developers has been released. Checking the code shows some new features that have not been previously announced.

The first new feature is the ability to transfer files to the iPhone via USB and iTunes.

The next one is the ability to lock the orientation of the screen.

There will also be a new widget for the iPod application. A list of useful media controls shows up in the task switcher when iPod is running in the background.

The multitasking procedure has been simplified.

However, many analysts believe that these features should have been available since the very beginning and something that other smartphones have already offered.

Apple has been consistently releasing beta releases once every two weeks. It is now being anticipated that the next one will be sometime around May 18. Historically, iPhone OS 3 and the iPad exclusive 3.2 each went through five beta cycles before they were publicly released.

The latest update has a June target for iPhone and iPod and a fall (north hemisphere perspective) release for iPad.