iPhone 4 Hits New Asian Markets; Already Out of Stock in China

iphone-4-whiteThe latest model of the smartphone of Apple was released in more Asian countries with stocks already proving to be not enough in China, the world’s most populous nation.

The lack of stock in China for iPhone 4 came somewhat as a shock. There are already 200,000 pre-orders on its first day while the previous iPhone model only got 5000 units sales on its first weekend last year. This is not to mention that iPhone 4 has been given too much extra media attention due to its “Antennagate” issue. It turns out that the unit will be sold in China with a free case to hinder any sales issues.

Prior to the release, Apple is the fifth-largest smartphone seller in China.

Other Asian countries that will be releasing iPhone 4 are Israel, Turkey, Malaysia and the Philippines. Local news networks in the Philippines showed long lines of people who are waiting their chance to get the iPhone.

Across the globe, Romania and South Africa will be starting also the sales of the smartphone.