iPhone Application Helped Filmmaker Give Self First Aid

American filmmaker Dan Woolley used an application from iPhone to give himself first aid and helped him live for 65 hours before he was rescued from the rubbles that resulted from the Haiti earthquake last week.dan-woolley

Woolley claimed that he used the application Pocket First Aid and CPR to treat a compound fracture on his leg and a cut on his forehead. The application also told him not to fall asleep if he will enter into a state of shock. He then set the alarm clock of the phone to go off every 20 minutes.

He was in Haiti for an assignment to cover the poverty in the country for Compassion International. He had just come back to the hotel from filming when the six-storey building collapsed on him.

He used his SLR camera to give light to his surroundings. He found an elevator which he used for cover and where he treated himself.