Iran Plane Crash Kills Over 70

IranAir-Boeing-727More than 70 people were killed when an Iranian passenger plane crashed in the country’s northwest on Sunday, an official said.

The IranAir Boeing 727 was en route from the capital city of Tehran to the city of Orumiyeh when it crashed as it attempted to land after experiencing some problems, CNN said in a report. Officials said 33 of the airliner’s 105 passengers and crew survived the disaster. Some reports put the death toll at 72 while the Iranian Students News Agency said 77 were killed in the incident.

Iranian Ministry of Road and Transportation official Ahmad Majidi told ISNA that the pilot had intended to return to Tehran after severe weather made it impossible to land in Orumiyeh. Officials said the plane broke into several pieces after crash landing in a snowy field but did not explode.

Several air disasters have occurred in Iran over the years. The last major one prior to Sunday’s crash was in July 2009, when all 168 passengers and crew of a Caspian Airlines plane were killed when it caught fire and crashed into a field.