“Iron Man 2” Takes $7.5 Million at Midnight Screenings

Iron-Man_2-posterTony Stark and his hero alter ego Iron Man are on track to dislodge “The Dark Knight” as the film with the best opening ever, box-office analysts predict. “Iron Man 2” pulled $7.5 million during its midnight screenings on Friday, giving it a chance to zoom past “Dark Knight’s” $158-million opening-weekend haul.

“Iron Man” could gross in the neighborhood of $160 million once the weekend numbers are totaled, which could make it the film with the biggest opening ever. Another thing going for the superhero flick is its strong online ticket sales, with MovieTickets.com reporting that 90 percent of all sales are for “Iron Man.”

The movie, which opened outside the United States last week, has already grossed more than $130 million in the international market. Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as Stark and Iron Man, with Gwyneth Paltrow still playing his trusted friend and reluctant lover. Mickey Rourke plays Iron Man’s antagonist Ivan Vanko while Scarlett Johansson plays an udercover agent who poses as Stark’s assistant.