Is this the most relaxing song ever created?

Most Relaxing Song Ever Created

If you suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation, this eight-minute track can help you to drift away in a deep sleep, according to Scientists at Mindlab International, an independent research consultancy based at the University of Sussex.

Weightless, written for Radox Spa by Manchester musical trio Marconi Union, has been scientifically proven to be more relaxing than having a massage or listening to tunes by Mozart, Enya and Coldplay. Mindlab’s David Lewis-Hodgson said the music was so relaxing that he would advise against driving when listening to it, as it could make you drowsy.

In tests on 40 women, Weightless was found was 11 per cent more relaxing than any other track and even made many of the women feel sleepy in the lab.

Richard Talbot from Marconi Union said: “We were really interested in this project because of the scientific nature of it. Our music tends to be very relaxing but working with Lyz, the sound therapist, helped us to understand the science behind some of the techniques that we intuitively use when making music. It was fascinating to have the physiological responses to the music tested in a laboratory.”

Top ten most relaxing tracks:

1. Marconi Union – Weightless
2. Airstream – Electra
3. DJ Shah – Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)
4. Enya – Watermark
5. Coldplay – Strawberry Swing
6. Barcelona – Please Don’t Go
7. All Saints – Pure Shores
8. Adele – Someone Like You
9. Mozart – Canzonetta Sull’aria
10. Café Del Mar – We Can Fly