Israel Eases Gaza Food Blockade

Residents in the Gaza Strip may now enjoy potato chips and cookies. Israel has lifted a ban on several food items in what appears to be a move to ease the backlash from its deadly raid of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on May 31.

However, the move was dismissed as insignificant by Israel critics as those allowed to pass the blockade are not necessities. Israel still prohibits the entry into the Gaza Strip of cement, steel, and other construction materials, things that Gazans need to rebuild their homes.

A U.N. senior humanitarian official, Maxwel Gaylard, said Israel’s move was not enough. “A modest expansion of the restrictive list of goods allowed into Gaza falls well short of what is needed. We need a fundamental change and an opening of crossings for commercial goods.”

Israel has been under fire for its handling of the flotilla raid, which killed nine Palestinian supporters. The U.N. is calling for an independent international investigation of the incident, a move that Israel deems unnecessary.