Israel Lifts Ban on iPad

250px-IPad-02Apple’s iPad can now be freely used and sold in Israel after tests showed that the tablet’s wireless signal does not interfere with that of other gadgets as authorities had previously feared.

The Communications Ministry announced today that the ban was lifted after results of “intensive technical scrutiny in a controlled laboratory,” paving the way for the gadget’s entry into the country once Apple starts selling the sought-after device outside the United States next month. The Ministry said the ban, which was imposed not long after the iPad was launched on April 3, was not prompted by fears that the device’s wireless signal would disrupt the country’s military equipment.

The government said owners of confiscated iPads may now get them back. U.S. officials claimed that at least ten iPads were seized at Israel’s international airport. The lifting of the ban is welcome news for techies in Israel, which is considered one of the more technologically advanced countries in Europe.